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Thursday, 15 June 2017

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Windows Technical Tips to Free Up Drive Space on Your Windows Computer

If you are receiving a message on your Windows computer that it is running out of space and you need to free up the room on your Windows PC, then here are some important points that you would better check out and implement the same on your Windows PC.

With the help of advanced technical procedures and some basic troubleshooting procedures, you can have a complete protection against such troubles in a real time. But you should always be aware of some possible technical glitches that may take place while you free up the drive space on your Windows PC.

It was about two months after I purchased my new Windows PC, I started encountering such sorts of irritating technical error messages. Since it was all new for me, I couldn’t understand exactly how to tackle the situation. I went through the available online resources from different websites, including the official help page https://support.microsoft.com and then I happened to know about some basic procedures that how the space can be freed up.

On the other side, I also came through some independent options to go for in case of any technical problem emerged while free up the space on my Windows PC. As some of my friends had had the same problems some days before, they had also suggested me for the independent Windows support services.

So, it was somehow a sign of relief as I was looking for some technical solutions for my computer system.

While I was looking for some technical solutions on the official help page, I came to know about the following steps:

·         Check the current space on your PC
·         Use Disk Cleanup
·         Uninstall desktop apps you no longer need
·         Uninstall Windows Store apps you no longer need
·         Archive or delete files you're no longer using
·         Reduce the size of the WinSxS folder
·         Make OneDrive files online-only
·         To make files online-only using the OneDrive app
·         To make files online-only using File Explorer
·         Move your OneDrive files to a removable drive
·         Add more storage

Apart from these points, you may have to go for some additional procedures as well. If you don’t know how to take on such procedures, then dial a technician on his toll-free Windows customer service help phone number and get a direct access to the helpdesk immediately.

It’s all easy and convenient to deal with the glitches if you confront while freeing up the drive space on your Windows computer.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Microsoft Priority on Windows 10 Enterprise Requirement

Individuals must know about the way that Windows 8 had needed numerous undertaking highlights. At first, Microsoft has felt that after Windows 8 it will present Windows 9. In any case, later on, the organization has chosen to present the cutting edge OS Windows 10. The skip from Windows 8 to 10 occurred because of heaps of specialized reasons. There is an incredible interest for Windows 10 in different undertakings. Windows 10 is intended to shield against rising security dangers in your PC framework. Undertaking proprietors can without much of a stretch free overhaul for Windows 10 in their framework.

Windows 7 was presented in the year 2009. What's more, Windows XP is as yet running unreliably on numerous frameworks. The Windows 8 has many saving graces, similar to work envelopes, malware shield upgrades, Bit Locker improvements, close field correspondence support and substantially more. Still, these components were not adequate to meet the business needs. Moreover, Windows 7 is a decent working framework which many individuals still utilize. Numerous associations’ proprietors are hoping to overhaul their working framework. For having Windows updating specialized help, they have to connect with a correct asset. For big business help, visit www.windows-support.windowshelp.support and get confirmed Windows experts.

Windows 10 enhancements involve speedier shutdown and startup, and preferred application stack timing highlights over past Windows adaptations. The conventional Start menu is back in the most recent form of Windows. The new look of Windows 10 is very like Windows 8's cutting edge UI. Windows 10 clients can without much of a stretch find and tap the things on their framework easily in an advantageous way. Windows 10 has various desktop includes that clients can use to organize their applications into their desktop Windows.

In addition, with the help of brisk alter mode, clients can without much of a stretch duplicate and glue message in Windows 10. The Alt-Tab work that aides in exchanging between running projects has additionally been improved. Clients can without much of a stretch read OS alarms and access with the assistance of activity focus. Cortana is extremely useful for big business clients, with regards to finding things on their PCs. Windows record history upgrades make things much less demanding for clients to recoup lost documents. The new web program, called Edge, is to a great degree snappy and gives moment notices. Windows 10 bolster underpins unique mark scanners and iris scanners. With this present, clients' close to home data will be totally secured.

For having extra Windows 10 tech help, you can contact Windows 10 bolster telephone number page to contact Microsoft Windows 10 venture group.
With a specific end goal to get oversaw specialized answers for Windows 10, you ought to bank upon the Intelli Atlas IT administrations. Intelli Atlas, an individual outsider technical support supplier, gives moment tech arrangements at a sensible rate.